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About Haryana Police   

The Haryana Police came into existence with the creation of Haryana as a separate State on 1st November 1966. Today, the 43,000 strong force, is headed by the Director General of Police and has its Headquarters at Panchkula. The Haryana Police has the following functional divisions:

  1. The District Police Setup: The Haryana State is divided into 21 policing districts besides the Railway Police district. A Superintendent of Police heads each district. The districts are divided into 4 Ranges, each being headed by an Inspector General of Police. At the apex is the Director General of Police who is assisted by an array of senior officers.

  2. The Central Investigation Department: The CID is the intelligence wing of the Haryana Police and is responsible for collecting intelligence pertaining to security, crime and State polity. It is also responsible for overseeing VIP security arrangements.

  3. Haryana Armed Police: This is the paramilitary arm of Haryana Police and comprises 5 battalions each headed by a Commandant of the rank of SP. It has its headquarters at Madhuban.

  4. State Crime Records Bureau: Is responsible for the creation and maintenance of a State level database on crimes, criminals, stolen property and organized criminal gangs for use by law enforcement agencies. It is based at Madhuban, Karnal.

  5. State Finger Print Bureau: The bureau is based at Madhuban, Karnal and is responsible for obtaining, processing and disseminating finger print records of criminals including foreign criminals to establish their identity.

  6. Haryana Police Academy: It is located at Madhuban, Karnal and caters to the training needs of Haryana Police for all ranks.

  7. Telecommunication: The telecommunication wing is responsible for running the wireless network of Haryana Police. The telecom staff manages all District Police Control Rooms and the State Police Control Room. The Wing is also handling the implementation of the satellite-based Police Telecom Net (POLNET) as well as the Wide Area Networking project to link all police stations and district police headquarters to the State Police Headquarters.

  8. Railway Police: The Government Railway Police of Haryana functions as one Railway Police District. The Haryana GRP headquarter is located at Ambala.

  9. Commando: Haryana Police has one trained commando battalion that is mainly deployed for VIP security duty. The commando complex is located at Newal, Karnal.

  10. India Reserve Battalions: Haryana has three paramilitary battalions funded by the Central Government that are called the India Reserve Battalions. These battalions have been trained and equipped on lines of the central paramilitary forces. The IR battalions are normally deployed for law and order duty within Haryana. The Central government may, however, require their deployment in any part of the country for maintaining law and order. The IR Battalions are headquartered at Bhondsi, Gurgaon.

  11. Highway Patrol & Road Safety Police: This is Haryana's dedicated force responsible for traffic management and road accident victim assistance on the national highways. The Highway Patrol has its headquarters at Karnal.

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